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Supervisees' Resources


Zoom Link Session Days/Times:

*If sessions are changed or canceled, a notice will be posted here.

There are more ways to get supervision and indirect hours: 1) Have your supervisor attend a session with your client (see consent form for client approval).  That way you get paid for the session while getting supervision.  2) Attend the Mindful Therapy Group Provider Consult each week which will give you indirect hours.

Supervision Paperwork

 Supervision Hours Documentation-Washington State

    Verification of Supervisor-Washington State


After Licensure . . . 

Once you are licensed, a whole new world will open for you.  If you want your supervisor to mentor you for free, consider signing up with Betterhelp.  It will cost you nothing.  Do not quit Mindful Therapy Group; this is just another resource for you to move a head start in fulfilling your career dreams.  Here is the link for a Betterhelp referral.  They have a sign-on bonus up to $1,000.  Click here:

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